Balinese Massage, 45 minute  IDR. 224,000 net , 90 minutes IDR 345.000 net

Using traditional Balinese Techniques with firm finger and palm pressure and nominal oil to ease away all bodily tension. Invigorate the senses.

Back Massage, 30 minutes  IDR. 152,000 net
Concentrating  on the head, arm, shoulder, back and neck after this treatment will leave  you will understand the soothing effects of gentle hands  on tired muscle and with an overall sense of wellbeing.

Relaxing Foot  Massage, 30 minutes  IDR. 114,000 net
Special foot treatment  assists in the relief of stress and tension to all parts of the body via constantly flowing energy channels that improve well being by restoring the natural flow of body energy.

Aromatic Oil Massage, 1 hour  IDR. 250,000 net
Ease away the cares of the day and immerse yourself in the sensual art of aromatic oil massage. Our formulas are infused with the sweet scent of pure essential oils and contain rich emollients to rejuvenate the skin. All designed to have powerful effect on the body, mind and spirit.

Foot Reflexology Massage, 1 hour  IDR. 176,000 net
Foot reflexology works on the principle that all body organs are represented at the feet, by applying pressure  to various point on the soles, the reflex nerves are stimulated that are systematically linked to all parts of the body. This ancients healing therapy aims to rebalance and harmonize the function of the entire body.

Stone Massage, 90 minutes IDR  350,000 net
Warm stone massage is a variation on classic massage theraphy,heated smooth,flat stones are placed on key points on the body.The warm of stone improves circulation and calms the nervour system and relaxes the muscles.

Pregnancy Massage, 1 hour IDR 248,000 net
Pregnancy massage is a usefull tool that can soothe sore muscles.improve range of motion,and provide a calm and relaxed  feeling to expectant moms.

60 min Tunjung Massage IDR 370,000 net
90 min Tunjung Massage IDR 466,000 net
Feel the healing powers as your undergo this therapeutic treatment with two therapist designed to bring the living body in to a complete state of balance and wellness