Gym Facility at Kuta Central Park

If you feel like pumping up your muscles, gym facility at Kuta Central Park Hotel is the best choice. Modern, clean and airy, this gym facility has complete exercise machine such as recumbent bikes, treadmills and various weight machines. Open for men and women, this gym facility promises fun and health at the same time.

Exercise Facility at Modern Environment

Enjoy exercising within modern gym setting and comfortable environment. This gym has modern and simple design. If you enjoy exercising in an open-air environment, this open-air section is the best. Exercising while enjoying fresh, you will be encouraged by the breezy air.

Run at the treadmill, lift some weight or train lower body parts at recumbent bike; this modern exercise equipment is in the best condition, well maintained and ready to help you get healthier every day. Never let your nice holiday make you forget your daily exercise.

Gym facility at Kuta Central Park Hotel makes exercising feel like a nice activity, not a chore. You will come happily every day, being excited to pump your muscles and sweat, in a modern and open environment of Kuta Central Park gym facility.